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Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch
Biggest Twitch

The Biggest Twitch Bird List for Sri Lanka

10-day Tour, February 2011

We’ve included below the full list of species that we saw on our recent tour in Sri Lanka. In total we saw 247 species, including all the endemic species that Sri Lanka has to offer. These number 25 species according Clements’ taxonomy, although some other taxonomic lists include 33 endemics. Whichever way you choose to list them, we saw the lot, as well as a host of other wonderful species during our time in this fantastic birding country.

We'll be running trips there in February and March 2012 so if you'd like more details, email us on

Blue Magpie 2nd image

Ceylon Blue Magpie

    ANSERIFORMES: Anatidae
    Lesser Whistling-Duck, Dendrocygna javanica
    Cotton Pygmy-Goose, Nettapus coromandelianus
    Garganey, Anas querquedula

    GALLIFORMES: Phasianidae
    Gray Francolin *, Francolinus pondicerianus
    Ceylon Spurfowl, Galloperdix bicalcarata, Endemic
    Ceylon Junglefowl, Gallus lafayetii, Endemic

    Indian Peafowl, Pavo cristatus

    PODICIPEDIFORMES: Podicipedidae
    Little Grebe, Tachybaptus ruficollis

    CICONIIFORMES: Ciconiidae
    Asian Openbill, Anastomus oscitans
    Painted Stork, Mycteria leucocephala, Near-threatened

    SULIFORMES: Phalacrocoracidae
    Indian Cormorant, Phalacrocorax fuscicollis
    Great Cormorant, Phalacrocorax carbo
    Little Cormorant, Phalacrocorax niger

    SULIFORMES: Anhingidae
    Oriental Darter, Anhinga melanogaster, Near-threatened

    PELECANIFORMES: Pelecanidae
    Spot-billed Pelican, Pelecanus philippensis, Near-threatened

    Yellow Bittern, Ixobrychus sinensis
    Black Bittern, Ixobrychus flavicollis
    Gray Heron, Ardea cinerea
    Purple Heron, Ardea purpurea
    Great Egret, Ardea alba
    Intermediate Egret, Mesophoyx intermedia
    Little Egret, Egretta garzetta
    Cattle Egret, Bubulcus ibis
    Indian Pond-Heron, Ardeola grayii
    Striated Heron, Butorides striata
    Black-crowned Night-Heron, Nycticorax nycticorax

    Black Bittern

    Black Bittern

    PELECANIFORMES: Threskiornithidae
    Black-headed Ibis, Threskiornis melanocephalus, Near-threatened
    Eurasian Spoonbill, Platalea leucorodia

    ACCIPITRIFORMES: Accipitridae
    Oriental Honey-buzzard, Pernis ptilorhynchus
    Black-shouldered Kite, Elanus caeruleus
    Brahminy Kite, Haliastur indus
    White-bellied Sea-Eagle, Haliaeetus leucogaster
    Gray-headed Fish-Eagle, Ichthyophaga ichthyaetus, Near-threatened
    Crested Serpent-Eagle, Spilornis cheela
    Shikra, Accipiter badius
    Black Eagle, Ictinaetus malayensis
    Booted Eagle, Hieraaetus pennatus
    Rufous-bellied Eagle, Lophotriorchis kienerii
    Changeable Hawk-Eagle, Nisaetus cirrhatus
    Mountain Hawk-Eagle, Nisaetus nipalensis

    FALCONIFORMES: Falconidae
    Eurasian Kestrel Falco tinnunculus
    Peregrine Falcon, Falco peregrinus

    GRUIFORMES: Rallidae
    Slaty-legged Crake, Rallina eurizonoides
    White-breasted Waterhen, Amaurornis phoenicurus
    Watercock, Gallicrex cinerea
    Purple Swamphen, Porphyrio porphyrio
    Common Moorhen, Gallinula chloropus

    Eurasian Thick-knee, Burhinus oedicnemus
    Great Thick-knee, Esacus recurvirostris

    CHARADRIIFORMES: Charadriidae
    Yellow-wattled Lapwing, Vanellus malabaricus
    Red-wattled Lapwing, Vanellus indicus
    Black-bellied Plover, Pluvialis squatarola
    Pacific Golden-Plover, Pluvialis fulva
    Lesser Sand-Plover, Charadrius mongolus
    Greater Sand-Plover, Charadrius leschenaultii
    Snowy Plover, Charadrius alexandrinus
    Common Ringed Plover, Charadrius hiaticula
    Little Ringed Plover, Charadrius dubius

    CHARADRIIFORMES: Recurvirostridae
    Black-winged Stilt, Himantopus himantopus

    Pheasant-tailed Jacana, Hydrophasianus chirurgus

    Pheasant tailed Jacana 2

    Pheasant-tailed Jacana

    CHARADRIIFORMES: Scolopacidae
    Terek Sandpiper *, Xenus cinereus
    Common Sandpiper, Actitis hypoleucos
    Common Greenshank, Tringa nebularia
    Marsh Sandpiper, Tringa stagnatilis
    Wood Sandpiper, Tringa glareola
    Common Redshank, Tringa totanus
    Whimbrel *, Numenius phaeopus
    Eurasian Curlew, Numenius arquata, Near-threatened
    Black-tailed Godwit, Limosa limosa, Near-threatened
    Bar-tailed Godwit *, Limosa lapponica
    Ruddy Turnstone, Arenaria interpres
    Sanderling *, Calidris alba
    Little Stint, Calidris minuta
    Temminck's Stint, Calidris temminckii
    Curlew Sandpiper, Calidris ferruginea
    Ruff, Philomachus pugnax
    Pin-tailed Snipe, Gallinago stenura
    Red-necked Phalarope, Phalaropus lobatus

    Barred Buttonquail, Turnix suscitator

    CHARADRIIFORMES: Glareolidae
    Small Pratincole, Glareola lactea

    Brown-headed Gull, Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus
    Little Tern, Sternula albifrons
    Saunders's Tern, Sternula saundersi
    Gull-billed Tern, Gelochelidon nilotica
    Caspian Tern, Hydroprogne caspia
    Black Tern, Chlidonias niger
    White-winged Tern, Chlidonias leucopterus
    Whiskered Tern, Chlidonias hybrida
    Common Tern, Sterna hirundo
    Great Crested Tern, Thalasseus bergii
    Lesser Crested Tern, Thalasseus bengalensis

    COLUMBIFORMES: Columbidae
    Rock Pigeon, Columba livia
    Ceylon Wood-Pigeon, Columba torringtoni, Endemic Vulnerable
    Spotted Dove, Streptopelia chinensis
    Emerald Dove, Chalcophaps indica
    Orange-breasted Pigeon, Treron bicinctus
    Pompadour Green-Pigeon, Treron pompadora, Some taxonomies consider this an endemic split
    Green Imperial-Pigeon, Ducula aenea

    PSITTACIFORMES: Psittacidae
    Alexandrine Parakeet, Psittacula eupatria
    Rose-ringed Parakeet, Psittacula krameri, Introduced species
    Plum-headed Parakeet, Psittacula cyanocephala
    Layard's Parakeet, Psittacula calthropae, Endemic
    Ceylon Hanging-Parrot, Loriculus beryllinus, Endemic

    CUCULIFORMES: Cuculidae
    Pied Cuckoo, Clamator jacobinus
    Indian Cuckoo, Cuculus micropterus
    Asian Koel, Eudynamys scolopaceus
    Blue-faced Malkoha, Phaenicophaeus viridirostris
    Sirkeer Malkoha, Phaenicophaeus leschenaultii
    Red-faced Malkoha, Phaenicophaeus pyrrhocephalus, Endemic Vulnerable
    Greater Coucal, Centropus sinensis
    Green-billed Coucal, Centropus chlororhynchus, Endemic Vulnerable

    Red faced Malkoha

    Red-faced Malkoha

    STRIGIFORMES: Tytonidae
    Barn Owl *, Tyto alba

    STRIGIFORMES: Strigidae
    Serendib Scops-Owl, Otus thilohoffmanni, Endemic Endangered
    Indian Scops-Owl, Otus bakkamoena
    Brown Fish-Owl, Ketupa zeylonensis
    Jungle Owlet, Glaucidium radiatum
    Chestnut-backed Owlet, Glaucidium castanonotum, Endemic Near-threatened
    Brown Wood-Owl, Strix leptogrammica

    Ceylon Frogmouth, Batrachostomus moniliger

    CAPRIMULGIFORMES: Caprimulgidae
    Jerdon's Nightjar, Caprimulgus atripennis
    Indian Nightjar, Caprimulgus asiaticus

    APODIFORMES: Apodidae
    Brown-backed Needletail, Hirundapus giganteus
    Indian Swiftlet, Aerodramus unicolor
    Little Swift, Apus affinis
    Asian Palm-Swift, Cypsiurus balasiensis

    APODIFORMES: Hemiprocnidae
    Crested Treeswift, Hemiprocne coronata

    TROGONIFORMES: Trogonidae
    Malabar Trogon, Harpactes fasciatus

    CORACIIFORMES: Alcedinidae
    Common Kingfisher, Alcedo atthis
    Black-backed Kingfisher, Ceyx erithaca
    Stork-billed Kingfisher, Pelargopsis capensis
    White-throated Kingfisher, Halcyon smyrnensis
    Pied Kingfisher, Ceryle rudis

    CORACIIFORMES: Meropidae
    Green Bee-eater, Merops orientalis
    Blue-tailed Bee-eater, Merops philippinus
    Chestnut-headed Bee-eater, Merops leschenaulti

    Chestnut headed Bee eater

    Chestnut-headed Bee-eater

    CORACIIFORMES: Coraciidae
    Indian Roller, Coracias benghalensis

    Eurasian Hoopoe, Upupa epops

    CORACIIFORMES: Bucerotidae
    Ceylon Gray Hornbill, Ocyceros gingalensis, Endemic
    Malabar Pied-Hornbill, Anthracoceros coronatus, Near-threatened

    PICIFORMES: Megalaimidae
    Brown-headed Barbet, Megalaima zeylanica
    Yellow-fronted Barbet, Megalaima flavifrons, Endemic
    Crimson-fronted Barbet, Megalaima rubricapillus, Some taxonomies consider this an endemic split, known as Small Barbet

    Coppersmith Barbet, Megalaima haemacephala

    PICIFORMES: Picidae
    Yellow-crowned Woodpecker, Dendrocopos mahrattensis
    Rufous Woodpecker, Celeus brachyurus
    Lesser Yellownape, Picus chlorolophus
    Black-rumped Flameback, Dinopium benghalense
    Greater Flameback, Chrysocolaptes lucidus, Some taxonomies consider this an endemic split, known as Crimson-backed Woodpecker
    White-naped Woodpecker, Chrysocolaptes festivus

    White naped Woodpecker

    White-naped Woodpecker

    Indian Pitta, Pitta brachyura

    PASSERIFORMES: Prionopidae
    Common Woodshrike, Tephrodornis pondicerianus, Some taxonomies consider this an endemic split, known as Sri Lankan/Ceylon Woodshrike

    PASSERIFORMES: Artamidae

    Ashy Woodswallow, Artamus fuscus

    PASSERIFORMES: Aegithinidae
    Common Iora, Aegithina tiphia

    PASSERIFORMES: Campephagidae
    Black-headed Cuckoo-shrike, Coracina melanoptera
    Small Minivet, Pericrocotus cinnamomeus
    Scarlet Minivet, Pericrocotus flammeus
    Bar-winged Flycatcher-shrike, Hemipus picatus

    Brown Shrike, Lanius cristatus

    PASSERIFORMES: Oriolidae
    Black-hooded Oriole, Oriolus xanthornus

    PASSERIFORMES: Dicruridae
    White-bellied Drongo, Dicrurus caerulescens
    Sri Lanka Crested Drongo, Dicrurus lophorinus, Some taxonomies consider this an endemic split from Greater Racket-tailed Drongo

    PASSERIFORMES: Rhipiduridae
    White-browed Fantail, Rhipidura aureola

    PASSERIFORMES: Monarchidae
    Black-naped Monarch, Hypothymis azurea
    Asian Paradise-Flycatcher, Terpsiphone paradisi

    Ceylon Magpie, Urocissa ornata, Endemic Vulnerable
    House Crow, Corvus splendens
    Large-billed Crow, Corvus macrorhynchos

    PASSERIFORMES: Alaudidae
    Jerdon's Bushlark, Mirafra affinis
    Ashy-crowned Sparrow-Lark, Eremopterix griseus
    Oriental Skylark, Alauda gulgula

    PASSERIFORMES: Hirundinidae
    Barn Swallow, Hirundo rustica
    Hill Swallow, Hirundo domicola
    Red-rumped Swallow, Cecropis daurica, Some taxonomies consider this an endemic split, known as Sri Lankan/Ceylon Swallow

    Hill Swallow

    Hill Swallow

    PASSERIFORMES: Stenostiridae
    Gray-headed Canary-Flycatcher, Culicicapa ceylonensis

    Great Tit, Parus major

    Velvet-fronted Nuthatch, Sitta frontalis

    PASSERIFORMES: Pycnonotidae
    Black-crested Bulbul, Pycnonotus melanicterus, Some taxonomies consider this an endemic split, known as Black-capped Bulbul
    Red-vented Bulbul, Pycnonotus cafer
    Yellow-eared Bulbul, Pycnonotus penicillatus, Endemic Near-threatened
    White-browed Bulbul, Pycnonotus luteolus
    Yellow-browed Bulbul, Iole indica
    Black Bulbul, Hypsipetes leucocephalus

    Yellow eared Bulbul

    Yellow-eared Bulbul

    PASSERIFORMES: Phylloscopidae
    Green Warbler, Phylloscopus nitidus
    Greenish Warbler, Phylloscopus trochiloides, Rare/Accidental
    Large-billed Leaf-Warbler, Phylloscopus magnirostris

    PASSERIFORMES: Acrocephalidae
    Blyth's Reed-Warbler, Acrocephalus dumetorum
    Clamorous Reed-Warbler, Acrocephalus stentoreus

    PASSERIFORMES: Megaluridae
    Ceylon Bush-Warbler, Bradypterus palliseri, Endemic Near-threatened

    PASSERIFORMES: Cisticolidae

    Zitting Cisticola, Cisticola juncidis
    Common Tailorbird, Orthotomus sutorius
    Gray-breasted Prinia, Prinia hodgsonii
    Jungle Prinia, Prinia sylvatica
    Ashy Prinia, Prinia socialis
    Plain Prinia, Prinia inornata

    PASSERIFORMES: Sylviidae
    Yellow-eyed Babbler, Chrysomma sinense

    PASSERIFORMES: Muscicapidae
    Asian Brown Flycatcher, Muscicapa dauurica
    Brown-breasted Flycatcher, Muscicapa muttui
    Kashmir Flycatcher, Ficedula subrubra Vulnerable
    Dull-blue Flycatcher, Eumyias sordidus Endemic Near-threatened
    Tickell's Blue-Flycatcher, Cyornis tickelliae
    Indian Blue Robin, Luscinia brunnea
    Oriental Magpie-Robin, Copsychus saularis
    White-rumped Shama, Copsychus malabaricus
    Indian Robin, Saxicoloides fulicatus
    Pied Bushchat, Saxicola caprata

    Ceylon Whistling-Thrush, Myophonus blighi, Endemic Endangered

    Pied Thrush, Zoothera wardii
    Orange-headed Thrush, Zoothera citrina
    Spot-winged Thrush, Zoothera spiloptera, Endemic Near-threatened
    Scaly Thrush, Zoothera dauma, Some taxonomies consider this an endemic split, known as Ceylon Scaly Thrush, zoothera imbricata

    Eurasian Blackbird, Turdus merula, Some taxonomies consider this a potential endemic split

    Spot-winged Thrush

    Spot-winged Thrush

    PASSERIFORMES: Timaliidae
    Ashy-headed Laughingthrush, Garrulax cinereifrons, Endemic Vulnerable
    Brown-capped Babbler, Pellorneum fuscocapillus, Endemic
    Sri Lanka Scimitar-Babbler, Pomatorhinus melanurus, Endemic

    Tawny-bellied Babbler, Dumetia hyperythra
    Dark-fronted Babbler, Rhopocichla atriceps
    Orange-billed Babbler, Turdoides rufescens, Endemic Near-threatened
    Yellow-billed Babbler, Turdoides affinis

    PASSERIFORMES: Zosteropidae
    Ceylon White-eye, Zosterops ceylonensis, Endemic

    Oriental White-eye, Zosterops palpebrosus

    PASSERIFORMES: Sturnidae
    Southern Hill Myna, Gracula indica
    Ceylon Myna, Gracula ptilogenys, Endemic Near-threatened
    Common Myna, Acridotheres tristis
    White-faced Starling, Sturnia albofrontata, Endemic Vulnerable
    Brahminy Starling, Temenuchus pagodarum
    Rosy Starling, Pastor roseus

    PASSERIFORMES: Chloropseidae
    Jerdon's Leafbird, Chloropsis jerdoni
    Golden-fronted Leafbird, Chloropsis aurifrons

    PASSERIFORMES: Dicaeidae
    Thick-billed Flowerpecker, Dicaeum agile
    White-throated Flowerpecker, Dicaeum vincens, Endemic Near-threatened
    Pale-billed Flowerpecker *, Dicaeum erythrorhynchos

    PASSERIFORMES: Nectariniidae
    Purple-rumped Sunbird, Leptocoma zeylonica
    Purple Sunbird, Cinnyris asiaticus
    Long-billed Sunbird, Cinnyris lotenius

    PASSERIFORMES: Motacillidae
    Western Yellow Wagtail, Motacilla flava
    Gray Wagtail, Motacilla cinerea
    White Wagtail, Motacilla alba
    Richard's Pipit, Anthus richardi
    Oriental Pipit/Paddyfield Pipit, Anthus rufulus
    Forest Wagtail, Dendronanthus indicus

    PASSERIFORMES: Passeridae
    House Sparrow, Passer domesticus

    PASSERIFORMES: Ploceidae
    Baya Weaver, Ploceus philippinus

    PASSERIFORMES: Estrildidae
    Indian Silverbill *, Euodice malabarica
    White-rumped Munia, Lonchura striata
    Black-throated Munia, Lonchura kelaarti
    Nutmeg Mannikin/Scaly-breasted Munia, Lonchura punctulata
    Tricolored Munia/Black-headed Munia, Lonchura malacca

    * Seen on pre-tour only

Sri Lanka Scimitar Babbler 2

Sri Lanka Scimitar-Babbler

We'll be running trips to Sri Lanka in February and March 2012 so if you'd like more details, email us on


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